Friday, 17 January 2014

How To Verify PayPal Account By Using Payoneer Us Payment Service

PayPal Has A Great Name Among Online Payment Processors. It Is Considered As The Best Method To Send And Receive Payments Online. Unfortunately Paypal Is Not Available In Some Countries Including Pakistan, Egypt, And Iran Etc.  If You Belong To A Paypal Unsupported Country And Want To Get A Verified Paypal Account, You Can Get It Done Using Payoneer’s Us Payment Service. To Verify Your Paypal Account, You Need A Payoneer Account With Us Payment Service Enabled For It.

If You Still Don’t Have A Payoneer Account, Get APayoneer Account Now. If You Have Already An Approved Payoneer Account, Follow Below Steps To Get Your Paypal Verified Using Payoneer’s Us Payment Service.